Message from Fr David

Sun, Jul 17, 2016

The children must be about to break up soon as Aldi have their “back to School” campaign running on TV. Did you know, you can now clothe a child in a school uniform for less than it costs to go the chippy on a Friday night. I was listening to the radio this morning and one teacher asked us to spare a thought for her as she has another 2 weeks to go before she breaks up. But whenever the schools break up, I hope that the break will be fun and refreshing for all. And if you are going away that you have a great time.

I have been privileged to have had some fantastic holidays over the years. For me and my sister, our top holiday, as I was growing up, was always Butlin’s, normally in Pwllheli, with all the attractions. I used to love going to the games room to play snooker, and dancing the night away till midnight in the French Ballroom. One holiday that stands out above most, was when I went to Florida with 2 “pensioner-teenagers” for their Golden Wedding back in 1998. It was a last minute deal and we had 36 hours to get everything ready. When we visited Disney, the look on my mum and dads faces as we met Mickey Mouse, was amazing and I do admit I was a little excited meeting him and Minnie Mouse too. The golden beaches and travelling to the NASA space centre will live long in the memory.

Holidays are meant to be memorable and enjoyable for us all, a time to relax, take things easy and recharge the batteries. For some it is staying at home taking it easy in the chair with a good book. For others, it is the excitement of leaving home for a week or two, sitting on the beach in the sun, or hopping from city to city visiting historical and architectural highlights. Maybe its walking in the mountains and dales; adventurous daredevil escapades or living the dream on the high seas. Whatever you do, I hope it is a time of great fun and memories for you. AND PLEASE KEEP SAFE

But whatever you do during the summer, please include the Lord in your plans. Give him thanks for the opportunity to have a break and get away; for the excitement and memories. And remember: Mass isn't just for Christmas, its for life, so please do try and attend mass. Wherever you are and whatever language it is in, its still the one Mass, one faith and one Lord! Have a great summer.

Hello and Welcome

Fr David - August 2, 2010

To the website for the parish of Holy Family Ince Blundell, Liverpool.

Throughout history, the message of the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus Christ has been spread by as many means as possible. St. Peter preached, St. Paul wrote letters and today we can use the web.

I hope that this site will be just one more way of bringing people closer to the Lord Jesus. It will also let you know more about the people of and our parish, as well as our village and surrounding areas.

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